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Building Terms We May Use In Our Reports

Although our Building Reports are written in a laymans easy to read format we may sometimes use words of a technical nature.
This Glossary is provided to help our Clients understand those terms.

Term Main definition

anything permanently attached to a house and regarded as part of the real property, such as cabinets and cupboards.


waterproof material that prevents moisture from penetrating a house through the walls or roof. 


a smoke duct or chimney


a rectangular masonry section which is usually made wider than the bottom of the foundation wall or pier it supports.


the soil or strata which supports the lowest part of a building- i.e. the footing.

Full brick

a building where both the inside and outside walls are brick


the triangular wall that sits between the sloping ends of a gable roof

Gable roof:

a roof having two slopes only with a gable at each end.


mortar used to fill the joints and cavities found between pieces of masonry or ceramics.


the external angle formed on a roof where two inclined surfaces meet.

Hipped roof

a roof with its ends inclined as well as its side.


a vertical member that forms the side of a window or door frame.


timbers that provide the main structural support for a ceiling or floor


a horizontal structural member that supports the load over a door, window or other opening.

Load bearing wall

a wall that supports weight from a floor or ceiling above it.

Major Defect

A defect of significant magnitude where rectification has to be carried out in order to avoid unsafe conditions, loss of utility or further deterioration of the property.


A low wall rising from the bottom of a roof slope.

Physical Tests

Means the following physical actions undertaken by the consultant: opening and shutting of doors, windows and draws; operation of taps; water testing of shower recesses; and the tapping of tiles and wall plaster.


A vertical projection on a wall or the brick support for an arch or bearer.


a wall board made of plaster  and covered both sides with a stiff paper.

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Building Inspection Quote  

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