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Building Terms We May Use In Our Reports

Although our Building Reports are written in a laymans easy to read format we may sometimes use words of a technical nature.
This Glossary is provided to help our Clients understand those terms.

Term Main definition
a board which runs horizontally along the ends of the roof rafters, creating the 'edge' of the roof.
Finishing Elements

The fixtures, fittings and finishes applied or affixed to Primary Elements and Secondary Elements such as baths, water closets, vanity basins, kitchen cupboards, door furniture, window hardware, render, floor and wall tiles, trim or paint. The term ‘Finishing Elements’ does not include furniture or soft floor coverings such as carpet and lino.


items that can be removed from a property without damage, such as ovens, baths and hot water systems


anything permanently attached to a house and regarded as part of the real property, such as cabinets and cupboards.


waterproof material that prevents moisture from penetrating a house through the walls or roof. 


a smoke duct or chimney


a rectangular masonry section which is usually made wider than the bottom of the foundation wall or pier it supports.


the soil or strata which supports the lowest part of a building- i.e. the footing.

Full brick

a building where both the inside and outside walls are brick

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Building Inspection Quote  

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Building Inspection Quote

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