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Building Terms We May Use In Our Reports

Although our Building Reports are written in a laymans easy to read format we may sometimes use words of a technical nature.
This Glossary is provided to help our Clients understand those terms.

Term Main definition

a car shelter which is generally open at the sides.


a layer of material that protects the structural elements of a building. Metal, brick, timber and cement sheets are all common types of cladding.


The person or persons, for whom the Inspection Report was carried out or their Principal (i.e. the person or persons for whom the report is being obtained).

Collar tie

a horizontal piece of timber connecting or bracing two opposite rafters to prevent sagging.


a vertical structural supporting member.

Conditions Conducive to Structural Damage

Noticeable building deficiencies or environmental factors that may contribute to the occurrence of Structural Damage.


A channel or pipe to lead or convey water, wires etc.


a moulding used at the junction of a ceiling and a wall.

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Building Inspection Quote  

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Building Inspection Quote

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