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Building Terms We May Use In Our Reports

Although our Building Reports are written in a laymans easy to read format we may sometimes use words of a technical nature.
This Glossary is provided to help our Clients understand those terms.

Term Main definition
Ant capping

steel plates affixed to the tops of wooden or masonry piers that support a floor. As termites cannot penetrate steel, they are forced into the open and can be detected.


The cover piece between the wall lining and the jamb of an opening. The ornamental mould around a door or window opening.


This Standard sets out the minimum requirements for inspection of and preparation of inspection reports on buildings and associated works by a suitably qualified inspector in order to provide advice regarding particular technical aspects of the property.


Set out requirements for the inspections of buildings and associated works by a suitably qualified inspector regarding particular technical aspects of the property, including minimum requirements to facilitate inspections and reports that are satisfactory to both the client and inspector.


the replacement of excavated earth into a excavation around a basement or foundation wall


The vertical members supporting the handrail on a staircase.


A series of balusters in the one flight or along a landing.

Bay window

a window that projects outward from the walls of the building in either a square or polygonal shape.


a horizontal structural member that supports a load such as a roof.


a sub-floor timber sitting on piers that supports the floor joists in timber framed or brick veneer dwellings.

Bearing point

a point where structural weight is concentrated and transferred to the foundation.

Box gutter

A gutter formed in the shape of a trough. It is formed between a roof surface and a parapet wall or between two roof surfaces.

Brick veneer

a dwelling where the walls consist of a layer of brick covering timber framework. The bricks have no structural role

Builder's warranty / indemnity insurance

compulsory insurance for builders that is supposed to protect homeowners from faulty work in the case that the builder dies, goes missing or becomes insolvent.

Building & Site

The inspection of the nominated residence together with relevant features including any car accommodation, detached laundry, ablution facilities and garden sheds, retaining walls more than 700 mm high, paths and driveways, steps, fencing, earth, embankments, surface water drainage and storm water run-off within 30 metres of the building, but within the property boundaries. In the case of strata and company title properties, the inspection is limited to the interior and immediate exterior of the nominated residence and does not include inspection of common property.

Building Code

Means the Building Code of Australia which is volumes 1 and 2, as amended from time to time, of the National Construction Code series published by, or on behalf of, the Australian Building Codes Board.

Building Consultant

A person, business or company who is qualified and experienced to undertake a pre-purchase inspection in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007 ‘Inspection of Buildings. Part 1: Pre-Purchase Inspections – Residential Buildings’. The consultant must also meet any Government licensing requirement, where applicable.


a car shelter which is generally open at the sides.


a layer of material that protects the structural elements of a building. Metal, brick, timber and cement sheets are all common types of cladding.


The person or persons, for whom the Inspection Report was carried out or their Principal (i.e. the person or persons for whom the report is being obtained).

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